Another big live action anime adaptation

According to Kotaku and other sources, One piece will be getting a live Action tv drama. I posted in a facebook group I help run about this and my thoughts were that it may not be a good adaption. I feel its a challenge to capture the one piece world and its crazy and fun atmosphere.

This year has been a year of adaptations from a lot of popular anime that are already been out or are coming out. Ghost in the shell, Fullmetal alchemist, Tokyo Ghoul and bleach had or are having there time to shine in the live action scene. Soon we will hopefully see a cowboy bebop adaption. I personally think the minor success of Edge of tomorrow which was adapted from All you need is kill, showed that good adaptations can be made even though it was a U.S made one.

so the real question is, What do you think about these adaptations of anime to live? Good or bad?


Digimon Cyber Slueth

I recently got this game for $10.00 on amazon and its been a pretty good game. I think I’m up to Chapter 7 and I been trying to stream gameplay when I can on YouTube. I did get lost in the beginning a few times, but I love this game. Its one of the first digimon games I’ve played since Digimon world 3. Once I complete this game I want to try the hacker’s memory game and the other digimon games for PS4.

So What’s your favorite Digimon Game?